Parametric Support provides optimization consultancy and services for architects. The core of our offer is the creation of catalogues of optimal architectural designs that balance environmental, structural and financial aspects.

Our own technology allows us to solve complex, multi-domain problems. Our top expertise lies in radiation minimization, optimal building positioning according to views, daylight hours maximization, structure performance maximization, rational facade panelization. We also offer help in meeting requirements for LEED and BREEAM environmental assessment.

While we operate worldwide our office is located in the heart of Berlin – a city bustling with innovation, technical novelty and knowledgeable people.

We are honoured to work with top-notch geometry researchers at the Institute of Mathematics at Technische Universität Berlin as well as with other experts in various domains who provide us with their expertise whenever required.

Our idea was appreciated by German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and awarded with an EXIST Business Start-Up Grant of 125 000 €.

Our team has an interdisciplinary expertise gained through work experience as well as through research at academia.
Adrian Krężlik worked with the most renowned and award-winning architectural studios: Zaha Hadid Architects and FR-EE.
Judyta Cichocka is a doctoral candidate in Optimization Methods for Architecture and an academic tutor.
Agata Migalska is a doctoral candidate in Computer Science and an experienced software developer.

We provide optimization consultancy for such prestigious Mexican studios as TEN Arquitectos, GVA, Tatiana Bilbao.